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TFCon 2010 is over and it was fun. Met David Kaye, Mark Ryan and Derrick Wyatt. Bought a ton of toys again even though we don't need any more. Best find: Animated Arcee. Never saw it in the store. And Animated Wreck Gar. Same thing, never saw it in the store. Bought some other nifty goodies, got my picture taken with Kaye and Ryan. Got autographs. Schmoozed with Wayward and Knave, Hunterblues, Hellsangelcurse, Oasis Pink Peng and a guy whose name I never heard. Anyway, here are the pictures that came out...



Home again.

Flight home was uneventful and then spent two days running around like mad getting Emma ready to go to Detroit. That trip was uneventful as well. Had a nice visit with Elfgirl. I hung around the girls' dorm room while they unpacked and got everything in order feeling like a third wheel and then headed home. Went through a terrific thunderstorm in eastern Ohio and western PA. Lots of lightning and heavy rain. Made it home at about the time I estimated though.

I also booked a room for next year's BotCon. The dates work pretty well though the kids won't be able to come again.

Heh, and I ordered an iPhone 4 for my birthday present. Should arrive just about that time too.

Next trip to Toronto for TFCon. Looking forward to seeing people there. Yay!


Long time no substantial post. Partly due to lack of energy and because things got real busy here. Anyway, I'm now in California. School ended and we hopped on an airplane or two and flew here to visit my mom and have a remembrance for my dad. It was nice. The family gathered and we talked about him and had a nice dinner.

On Monday, Emma and I jumped on the Blue Line train to Los Angeles and walked all over the place so we could get some ramen at a noodle shop in Little Tokyo. It was good. We were beat when we headed back to Long Beach but hubby and Quinn wanted to go to the Lakewood Mall so we went along and by the time we were done there we were more than beat. Exhausted and footsore was a better description.

Today, they headed off to Knott's Berry Farm and I stayed home. I can't ride the rides without getting nauseated so there's really no point in going. I helped my mom learn a bit more about her computer, did some laundry and now she's off at the dentist and I'm alone enjoying the silence.

Other things that have happened... Quinn went to the Indy 500 for the first time and enjoyed it so I suppose he'll go again next year. Emma and I stayed home this year because of the end of the year show for her dance school. She had a lead... the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz. It was a good show and she was a stand out, quite scary and enjoying herself.

Both kids did well in school. Quinn gets to read The Hobbit this summer for his required summer reading and Emma is reading The Grapes of Wrath and another book for AP Language Arts. Now just need to get Quinn to sit down and read. He's already read The Lord of the Rings so I don't see him having a problem with The Hobbit.

Hubby did a lot of traveling in May and June. Two trips to New York and then a work retreat to Orlando. Plus the Indy Trip in between. I think he was ready for some time off.

The kitties are doing well. Elke is getting big. She can take Jazzy down now even though Jazzy is still bigger. She still likes to play fetch and chase string.

And coming up in the next couple of days, we're going to visit the House set tomorrow (no actors around, darn) and then go to Farmers Market for lunch. On Thursday we're taking off to show the kids the California coast probably as far as Monterey. I don't think we'll make it to San Francisco but we'll see. I'm looking forward to it. Haven't gone past Santa Barbara in years and years.

And that's about it for now. Wish we could make it to BotCon but Emma is going to Detroit this year for her Ballet Intensive and we have to be there on that weekend. No San Diego Con either. But Hubby, Quinn and I will be at TFCon in July. Hope to see a lot of people there.

2009-2010 school year

2009-2010 school year
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Can't believe the change that can happen in 9 months.

Anti-vax cartoon

A brilliant comic exposing the anti-vax movement and Andrew Wakefield.


Oddly Specific in Erie

Funny Signs - Quite a Spread
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Had to post this. It is indeed in Erie. They sell swords and jellybeans too.

Edit: I think every single comment to the photo is from someone from Erie. lol We have no life.

Home again, Home again, jiggety jig...

Yes, I am home. Had a really uneventful flight back. When I got to the airport, via shuttle after changing my reservation with them 4 times because older brother had an emergency business trip and couldn't take me to the airport at the last minute, the line for security screening was out the door and down the street all the way to Air Canada terminal. I didn't freak out quite yet because I was fairly early. I found the door to the US Airways terminal and an agent was standing there, she waved me in, said she'd check me in, when I asked how long the wait was for security, she said, I'll take care of it. O_O She checked me in, upgraded me seat a little, giving me a window... would've preferred an aisle because I have to get up fairly often... and then took my bag to the xray machine and pointed me to the elevator and said go with those women. They were obviously first class or other special fares but I said sure and took the elevator up bypassing the entire line. There are two checkpoints, one where they check your boarding pass and ID and then you get in line for screening. I went directly to the screening line. I wasn't complaining though I think they thought I was somebody else. :P

In any case, my upgraded seat fell through when I got there, misread the seating chart and sat in the aisle because there was already a guy in the window seat. And it was a good seat, right at the exit door with no seat in front of it. Sigh. I ended up in the middle when the guy who had the aisle seat showed up. I didn't have the heart to tell the other guy he was in my seat since I hadn't planned on having that seat and he was rather tall and large and he was much more comfortable there and the middle was okay. Turned out he'd given up a much better seat to someone who didn't want to sit in an exit row.

The flight to Philly was smooth and the pilot talkative, pointing out various landmarks that really don't look like anything at 33,000 feet. We went over the Meteor Crater and I couldn't tell it was there.

The flight to Erie actually went off as planned. It was jammed packed. But it was smooth and we were right on time and US Air didn't lose my bag. Yay for them. I read about half my book, The Greatest Show on Earth, and was actually able to concentrate on it.

The kitties were glad to see me and I was glad to see them. Elke is all healed up and her fur is growing back and she's playing like usual again.

My mom is doing okay. Ended up setting up a chat program for her so she can chat with me online. I was trying to do stuff on the computer and didn't know any of my dad's passwords and that's when I realized he was really gone. Fortunately, he kept meticulous records of his passwords and I found what I needed and made sure mom know what she needed to know. When we go back in June, I'm going to clean out the computer and make it more usable for her. My dad made it way more complicated than it needed to be. Mom has a huge network of friends who check up on her and make sure she's okay.

Anyway, I think she'll be fine and my brother will keep an eye on her.

Whoa indeed

Yesterday started out very quiet but was made exciting by the earthquake. Was chatting with Tirya56 and could barely type out "we're having an earthquake." It started very soft, like I was jittering with too much caffeine. I sat in the chair concentrating on what I was feeling, wondering if it was an earthquake because it was so soft and then it just got rollier and rollier and the house started to creak and my mom, who was on the phone, said "we're having an earthquake" to her sister. Turned out to be a bad on in Baja California. 7.2. And the news channels went into high reporting mode and started reading peoples' tweets and facebook comments. And showing video of nasty, dirty pools in backyards with water sloshing all over and dogs barking. Yeah, not a whole lot of information to report right away.

Anyway, that ended, Mom and I had a nice dinner of leftovers and carrot cake and I went back to watching tv and watched Life on the Discovery Channel. Stayed up too late and that meant I woke up too late and now I'm on West Coast time. Shoot.


Made it to California. Flight from Erie was really, really bumpy. It was hot and dry and windy which made for an interesting ride in the teeny little airplane that does the commute. The plane was late arriving in Erie from Cleveland but they managed to turn it around in barely 15 minutes and we were off again arriving only 10 minutes late back in Cleveland.

I ran to my connection and got there just as my row was being called. Got to sit between two nice ladies... the single girls. The flight was smooth, I read and kept glancing at the movie which was about the dog in Japan who waited for his master at the train station only reset in New England with Richard Gere. I knew how it was going to end and I didn't want to watch it and every time I glanced up, I'd start to cry. You could hear sniffing all over the plane when it ended. Sigh. Anyway, we were served free food. I was astonished. So I didn't complain about the quality. It was free and hot and I didn't have to eat my tuna sandwich.

Got to LAX right on time. My brother picked me up which was nice. I had to cancel my shuttle and that saved me some money. He was beat, I was beat, we talked a little on the ride home and mostly complained about our cousin who was there and helping himself to the food to take home with him. He does it all the time and that's really the only reason he visits is to get free food. Anyway, we got there, mom was dozing which was good because she hasn't slept for quite a while. She looked remarkably good for the long week and 3 months she's been going through. We talked, there isn't going to be a funeral. Dad is going to be cremated, my other cousin is going to build a box for his ashes and she's going to save them. When she passes away, she said she wants her ashes combined with his and taken to the desert and spread where her sister and her husband are spread. I thought that was great. In any case, no services. She also said we could all go to the desert in June when the whole family comes out and have a party with the rest of the family.

We then went to bed and I slept like the dead having had a really bad night the previous night because of the heat and the kitten still having issues and my hot flashes. Mom slept well too.

This morning we went for a long walk and I'm taking her to breakfast.

The one thing that keeps catching her is she'll do something like open the cupboard or start some laundry and she'll see some of Dad's stuff and start thinking about what to do with it. Medicine, clothes, the cars, everything. Not much we can do today so we're just not going to think about it.

I brought dvds of Emma's performances and we're going to watch those later. I'm thinking of taking her to a movie and then we'll get down to work sending out emails and teaching her how to actually use the computer for more than email.



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