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Happy Holidays

May everyone have a very merry holiday season.


Happy Carl Sagan Day


Watching Cosmos to celebrate.  I think this is my favorite episode. 


Going to go for one day.  Sunday.  Wish we could do more but Emma's performance after 5 weeks of ballet class with the ABT is Friday and we're driving home from NYC on Saturday.  We'll be there around the time the doors open and spend the night.  I hope to see lots of people.

BotCon Here I Come.

Registered and plane tickets purchased.  Lucky I decided to check if registration was up because I never received that e-mail from The Transformers Club.  Oh, well, only a couple of days late.  Good thing I didn't want to take the customizing class. :P



Happy New Year, flist!

Free press

Go visit tirya56.livejournal.com/8850.html   She's selling some of her Manga.  There's some good stuff there.


Back to school

First day of school again.  Always depressing.  The kids didn't want to go back.  Emma is stressed about school and dance.  Quinn has been supernaturally quiet about the whole thing which could mean an explosion when he gets home.  We'll see.  It's too quiet in the house and the cats are wandering around aimlessly.  It's just too weird.

28 and counting

Today was my 28th wedding anniversary. Seems like only yesterday that we trampled my mom's backyard to Chariots of Fire music. Yeah, it was lame. But it was the best day of my life. Remind me to scan a couple of my pictures. It's good for a laugh. Hubby and I had a date day. We went to see Toy Story 3 and then out to dinner by ourselves. No kids to tag along and argue and ruin a pleasant evening.

Our gift to each other was a new oven. Our old one finally decided it'd had enough and no longer bakes, only broils. No matter which button you push. We had broiled pizza the other day and daughter made broiled muffins today. The oven is now shut down for good. New one arrives on Tuesday.

Our old wireless router also decided it had had enough but I caught it before it failed completely and replaced it today with a new Airport Extreme. It's the cat's pajamas. Easy to set up, fast, works across platforms and I hope I'll be able to keep it password protected. Hubby hasn't tried to log into his work computer yet.

My mom is coming for a visit on Monday. It'll be good to see her. She's spending quite a bit of time here and in Buffalo with her sister. They're the last two alive. My Aunt is a twin and her twin passed away a few weeks ago. They both need each other and it'll be good for them.

Oh, Toy Story is a good movie. So is Despicable Me and Inception. Inception surprised me. I wasn't expecting it to be to my liking but I liked it a lot.



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